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Jun 24, 2020 at 10:03 AM

Mixing two "IF" fomulas on SAP Analytics Cloud - Data action


I'm trying to create a logical function mixing "IFs" from two dimensions with no success.

I want to calculate the expected harvest of a vineyard that depending on two categories: the grape color (red or white) and the last year of rental agreement.

I have an account-dimension with the "Year of agreement" as a measure

and a generic-dimension with a grape color as an attribute

The two "IFs" functions work perfectly separately. However when I try to combine them, I get validation errors like: "The operator 'AND' can not be used in an IF function"

this is the script of the two separate IFs:

IF ( RESULTLOOKUP([d/account]="AGGRMNT_YEAR") - RESULTLOOKUP([d/Date]=%Current_Year%)) >0
IF [d/VINEYARD].[p/Color]="RED"

Can you please help me to use both of them as a condition for my data action?

Thanks for helping!

PS: attached one of my unsuccessful trial out of many


red.png (34.6 kB)