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Jun 23, 2020 at 02:14 PM

Crystal Reports - Embed external PDF file


Hi all,

I'm making a report for some production order that need to add the specification draw to the report of the order. Usually this is made by print the order page and after the specification draw. I want to save up some time and make the report of the order print it all.

For this I need that the report appends or embed the draw page (or pages).

I already have the path the PDF file. And I did add the OLE object to the report with the hyperlink to the path (as suggested by Don Williams on this post

The problem here is that the preview of the PDF is always from the first pdf I add as OLE object to the report.

Anyone figured this out? Or can I have a better or different approach to the problem?

Be safe, and thanks in advance

P.S: This question is based on this post I made Since the post had 4 year I made a new question.