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Jun 20, 2020 at 07:34 PM

Transport BPC Environment and Objects to QA


Hi All

In BPC 10.1, I am trying to maintained the Transport process so that if any changes come in future, we will implement it in Dev system and move to Q and P.

In present system, if any requirement/changes need to be update, we are updating directly in QA and after successful testing replicate the same changes in Production directly without transporting any BPC object.

what i have done till now- I have taken the backup of Environment using UJBR with master data only. then restored it in Dev with "same technical name".
I have collected whole Environment including Dimensions(without member data) in a TR and transported. Although the Transports are successful but when I checked in QA system Dimensions and Models in RSA1. Their last changed date was not updated. DMPs and reports are having correct last changed date.

As i mentioned above, dimensions with the correct technical names are already exist in QA because till now we were working only in Q and P.
Also, all BPC objects are having package $tmp. Should i change it?