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Jun 19, 2020 at 03:35 AM

How to settle customer settlement (using Head Office)


Hi, Experts. I'd like to ask how to post order settlment using Head Office code.

I execute customer settlement(Tr-cd:WB2R_SC).

But the below message appeared.

' 1 contracts processed, errors occured for 1 contract '

After I continued , I saw the message below.

' Contradiction in the settings of the store/central purchasing Message no. WS268


The relationship of store 15100003 to the head office cannot be uniquely determined. The document contains head office 15100003 while the master data 15100001 of accounting contains a different one.

System Response

It is not possible to release the document to Accounting.


Correct the master data setting. In particular, check whether the partner functions of store 15100003 are maintained correctly. '

Certainly , I set another BP code (15100001) to Head office in BP master (15100003), because I had posted the accounting document of Billing using Head office code (15100001).

If you know how to set BP Master and Parameter , please share the solution. Should I set Alternative Payer on BP Master?