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Jun 17, 2020 at 08:04 PM

Hana SQL Query on composite provider ends with OOM



Our BW team reported issue on following query which results in OOM.

Select top 1000 * from "ZSALES_MART_5642"."SWEDEN::C_SORD_INT99";

From the OOM file we can see allocator "Pool/JoinEvaluator/JERequestedAttributes/Results" is taking almost 100GB of memory. Though underlying tables for above query are very small like 25MB and 7MB.

So I'm not sure why joins on those 2 tables and few other can consume 100GB and still fails.

Please bear with me my little knowledge on sql side.

Attached screenshot of Visualiser Planvisplan.png

.. couldn't upload the full plan as it's not allowed.

Looking forward to gain some ideas from your expertise!!



visplan.png (44.6 kB)