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Jun 17, 2020 at 03:33 PM

SAP Certification and S-User ID Expiration


Hello Team, now that SAP has communicated/published that the S-User Id has an expiry date starting this year (24 months default with options for the system administrators to extend/shorten them). You can check your S-User Id expiration date in your user profile when you logon to SAP One Launchpad site. However the official page regarding the S-User Id expiration roll out does not talk about the S-User Id issued to SAP certification holders. I scanned through the site and didnt find any specific information relating to that. However I checked my user profile and it does have an expiry date attached to it and also noticed that my S-User Id is tied to a former company I worked in the past when I got my certification. I double checked my SAP certification and it does have the same S-User Id that has been tied to my former company. I did my certification back in 2005 (yeah, old timer) and probably didnt notice these linkages. So the question is, how can I untangle this mess or my S-User Id will be permanently gone come 2022? I know you can obtain/use your current employer S-User Id but I do value my certification and do want to have a separate S-User Id tied to that.