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Jun 18, 2020 at 03:39 PM

How to control PO Release at different user level


Hi MM Masters,

I have below queries:

1. In my organization there are different level of users with different authorizations.

For User1, any value of PO created is waiting for 'pending release' for appropriate releaser.

while User2 (say site director),

a. when creates a PO (value <12000), gets auto approved and he doesn't get 'Pending Release' status or release tab appear to PO.

b. and if he creates a PO with value >12000, PO waits for pending release.

I checked for user2 authorization, I don't find M_EINK_FRG auth. with his profile. What is the reason behind this (some PO gets auto release, some not) and how to control that any PO created by anyone (with any value) should not get auto release and wait for release. (Even if same user has to approve it as per authority but release process has to be followed.)