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Apr 13, 2006 at 03:00 PM

Password problem with user DDIC


Hi again,

I'm still trying to install Solution Manager 3.2.

The installation procedure said it's higly recommended to change the passwords for user DDIC and user SAP*.

For me, it's absolut normal to choose a password not only containing alphatical chars, but also special chars.

So the password of user DDIC starts with an exclamation point (!).

Now the installation procedure stops at the SAP IGS > RFC Connection.

Entering the password for user DDIC doesn't take any effect. The screen does not change and the log says:

WARNING[E] 2006-04-13 16:41:44 [iaxxrfcimp.cpp:450]


Unable to open RFC connection.

I opened my saplogon and created a new connection entry for my sap solution manager server.

I get the standard login screen for sap and tried to login with user DDIC.

If I enter password containing only normal chars, I get the expected error message: wrong username or password.

But if I enter the correct password with the '!' as the first letter, the error message says, I must make an entry in every required field.

I entertain suspicion, that using special chars, especially the exclamation point, is not allowed.

How can I change the password without interrupting the installation process?

I only have three buttons: OK (which isn't working at that moment), Cancel and Logoff.

I don't know what happens, if I click on Cancel or on Logoff.

Maybe I can finish the installation and setup the RFC connection later?

Or the system accepts my inputs and goes on.

Any idea?