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Jun 17, 2020 at 05:02 PM

Callidus CPQ Platform Architecture

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I am very new to IT. I've spent a couple years on product configuration logic, but now that most products are in maintenance stages and we have trained more admins to deal with that, we now have the bandwidth to dive into new solutions. So although I've been learning the languages and how to do specific things, I have a difficult time understanding the various layers and systems and their interconnectedness within the CPQ platform.

Some examples:
• We've been creating highly customized Report Module reports - so we are learning SQL and database structures;
• We're trying to convert to the Responsive Design UI - so we are learning knockoutJS, CSS, JavaScript, Razor HTML, etc.;
• We're using scripts more often, and we're trying to modify cart calculations - so we are learning ironPython;
• We're trying to access CPQ with API's in 3 different ways...

But because there is a gap in understanding how exactly it all fits together "under the hood", I often run into basic issues. For example, although some information can be easily accessed in one way (with CTX tags, for example), sometimes we can't figure out how to access it from other areas (like Report Module SQL queries, or in Responsive Templates, etc.). Then when we do figure it out, the value in that field or parsed formula doesn't always update instantly.

Can someone help layout the platform structure and explain which parts and languages of the platform can access what and how? Or maybe, which parts/languages CAN NOT access what and why?

I know this very broad question may need a blog post to fully answer. But even partial answers are appreciated as they can help piece things together.

Thank you.