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Jun 17, 2020 at 01:33 PM

Using Query generator - Showing Bin location, item code, description, barcode etc


Hi All,

Using Query generator, I would like a report that shows everything in the main and bulk warehouse including the items that have NO STOCK (the no stock items are always removed when running the standard reports but they are very useful for a lot of the work that I am doing)

Currently I can run 2 standard reports and capture most of the information but it doesn't include the zero stock items. I would like to combine this data and include the zero stock items.

I have tried to use query generator and for the most part I have got the information I need however I can't seem to get the bin location added to my report using JOIN table... I'm pretty new to SAP and SQL so apologies if I'm doing it all wrong!!!

I want the Query to include the following including the zero stock items (I can't stress about these zero items enough lol):

Bin location

item code







unit price

I am using SAP Business one 9.3 if that helps

Thanks in advance