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Jun 16, 2020 at 01:30 PM

Desktop Studio Context fetch resulting in UNDEFINED value


Dear Community,

I am trying to fetch a context data collected from a gridview earlier in SAP and input them in a standard Multiple Selection SAP box. Unfortunately, instead of a list of values, I get UNDEFINED value inserted in the field.

What am I doing wrong?

Breakdown of the steps:

1. I collect the values from SE16N gridview table using below given code (inserted in a Custom block) and simultaneously I make it a context item called "Customers". As I can see in the Debugger's Tester, the numbers are collected correctly.

// Collect all customer numbers

SE16N gridview:

2. I create a context "Temp" folder with "Customers" item in it and make it an array. Is this step required at all?

3. I try to fetch the context data and set it in Multiple Selection box in Select Single Values tab in another tcode. I tried capturing the visible table field both as a single field and using Occurs method - below visible is the latter:

To fetch and set the context data I use the standard Set activity and try to link it with the aforementioned context item:

The generated code for this is visible below:

SAPLogon750.pMultipleCustomer.edValues.i(0).set(rootData.Temp.Customers[0], true);

4. If I run it, I end up with getting an UNDEFINED value instead of the customer numbers that were stored in the context:

I would really appreciate your advice!

Best regards,



se16n-gridview.jpg (51.8 kB)
context.jpg (18.2 kB)
set-context.jpg (34.8 kB)
undefined.jpg (35.6 kB)