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Jun 11, 2020 at 01:54 PM

Storing an input in SAP Conversational AI without entity recognition


I wanted to know if it's possible for the bot to just accept a quantity and store it in it's memory and continue with next question. Example, if I want the user to provide a DESCRIPTION of an ISSUE he's facing, then there are many set of words he can use for it, and there's a possibility that some words might trigger some other Skills too.

e.g - If i have an entity called CREATE which is used for some other skill and an entity called ISSUE. Now in the end i ask the user to input a Description of his issue, and he types " I am having an ISSUE with my software which doesn't let me CREATE a new file".

So here, I want the whole sentence to be recognised as DESCRIPTION Entity, without triggering the skill which has CREATE and ISSUE as its TRIGGER.

Please Help me with this issue in simple layman terms, I'm a beginner!

Thank You