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Jun 11, 2020 at 09:59 AM

Shipment cost Document - Gross Weight determination from Shipment doc

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Dear Experts,

Issue: While creating the Shipment cost document, Condition base value for calculating freight rate is being determined from Delivery ----> Header ----> Gross weight. As per my Shipment cost document configuration, it is expected to consider Gross weight from Shipment document as Condition base value

Configuration details as below:

1. Calculation basis for Freight condition type is maintained as 'D-Shipment Cost Item'

2. Calculation type is maintained as 'T - Multi Dimensional'

3. Scale Id is maintained and Assigned to the condition type - Scale Basis is 'D-Gross Weight' & Calculation Rule 'D-Gross Weight'. Here I've used Rounding rule as per my requirement and Price Unit as 100 KG per unit. Scales are maintained with Absolute & Relative values.

Shipment Overview: Gross weight is 1918.400 KG

Delivery Overview Gross weight: 1868.400

Shipment cost document - Freight determination overview - Where we can notice that Gross weight 1868.400 is being taken from Delivery Header. Whereas my expectation is to consider from Shipment doc with 1918.400 (Shipment cost Gross weight includes the Tare weight).

Note: If I maintain my freight condition type configuration as Calculation type 'D- Gross weight' & Calculation Base as 'D-Shipment cost item' then the Condition base value is considered from Shipment Gross weight. However, in my requirement I need to use Scales suing Multi Dimensional Calculation type T.

Not sure if I'm missing any necessary configurations. Appreciate your thoughts here.

Thank you