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Jun 12, 2020 at 06:32 PM

IRPA - issues with capturing SAP variants and Reports



I testing out the IRPA functional with SAP, and overall like it but I keep getting stuck in certain situations which are preventing me from continuing on.

The two big issues I keep running into are:

1. Executing reports and then saving as excel output to folder

I keep running into this situation - I input the values I want to execute the report (and capture the screen). However, once I am in the output screen, I want to capture this screen so then I can select the "export" options. However, usually this screen is the same as the screen where I have the selection criteria - so I can't uniquely capture the recognition criteria - See attachments

for this.



2.. I can't pick the specific variants -

Instead of entering in data in the selection screen, I would want to pick a variant - however, I only can capture the general variant catalog - I am unable to select a specific variant to be used for this. See attachments


Any advise or documents you could point me to on how to do this?


report1.png (142.9 kB)
report2.png (147.7 kB)
variant.png (94.7 kB)