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Jun 09, 2020 at 05:56 AM

PaPM - function dependency

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Dear expert

I am now working with PaPM 3.0 SP08, in my memory, the function is dependent in the previous version, e.g if a Function B refer function A as input, then, when i run the function B, function A will automatically run accordingly. but in the SP08, sound the dependency is gone. actually, i execute below steps

1. Create two model table as receiver and sender for a allocation

2. Create a allocation function, and select the above the two model tables as sender and receiver. and run the allocation function, the result is as expected

3. create a join function and refer the above allocation function as input, only one rule for the join and it works fine

by now everything goes well, then

4. i delete data for the allocation function without run it again.

5. i run the join function again, and find the result is empty.

therefore, i draw a conclusion that the allocation is not run again even it is referred as the input function, but it is not reasonable.

because in most of case, the last step is not the allocation but "Writer" or "JOIN" (= we usually write our allocation into the database), it the input function cannot be executed automatically, I will bring a lot of effort during the execution phase....