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Jun 04, 2020 at 07:35 AM

Unit Price considered during GRN



I have situation where,the unit price at which the GRN is posted is NOT the same as it is when its cancelled. It is a Cost Center based Purchase Order. It is NOT "GR Based IV" checked.

History as follows:
1. Initial the User created PO with the PO Qty and Value inverse (Qty as Value and Value as Qty). With this NOT known, AP posts Invoice for the same but with correct Value and Qty.

2. While posting GRN, mistake is noticed, correct in PO and GRN is posted.

3. Further Invoices, GRN are posted.

Below is the current PO History:

To correct everything, I went back in reverse chronology and ended up having a wrong Amount in LC when I cancelled the GRN ending with 8008. Below screenshot for reference.

Question 1: How did the GRN got cancelled with value 6.241,33 instead of 5.194,30?

Question 2: With all these postings happened, can I go back to square 1 with all reversed in the with their exact values?




kofm1.png (164.5 kB)
paisw.png (213.6 kB)