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Jun 08, 2020 at 10:24 AM

Is it possible to HANA DB to read data from Azure Data Lake?

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We have BW4HANA On-Premise Installation wich we want to feed with data stored at the Azure Data Lake.

We searched for suitable documentation but didn`t find such.

Is it possible to HANA DB to read data directly from Azure Data Lake? Or we have to use file export from Azure and Import at BW4?

If its possible, what connection we should use? SDI or SDA, or may be somethig other?

The BW4 is with the following components version:

Software Component <II> Release Support Package <==> Support Package Level <==> Description

  • BW4CONT <II> 200 <II> SAPK-20003INBW4CONT <II> 3 <II> SAP BW4 HANA Content Addon
  • BW4CONTB <II> 200 <II> SAPK-20003INBW4CONTB <II> 3 <II> SAP BW4 HANA Content Basis Addon
  • DW4CORE <II> 200 <II> SAPK-20004INDW4CORE <II> 4 <II> DATA Warehouse
  • HDB <II> <II> (fa/hana2sp04)

Thanks in advance for the support.