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Jun 03, 2020 at 07:31 AM

white screen after start cco


Hi Communtiy,

i have a question. What could happend when the CCO POS need long time (1 Minute) to show the LogOn screen after start?


1. I start the CCO POS, then automatically chrome starts with an URL like: http://localhost:9999/3a15929a-cb73-4339-9c9b-95cee0a08b0c/login.jsp

2. Nothing happend. --> I get only a white screen, in the Chrome Browser <--

3. After 1 Minute waiting, i try a refesh on the page. Then i get into the LogOn screen.

Additional Info: If i would use the Edge Browser after start the CCO POS and write in the url "http://localhost:9999", i get immeditatly the LogOn Screen.

Does anyone have an idea? Thank you :-)

Best Regards,