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Jun 03, 2020 at 01:03 PM

SAP MCF installation on S4HANA with Customer Management


Hi Experts,

I am currently busy with a MCF deployment on a S4HANA server, with the Utilities industry specific solution. It also has the SAP S/4HANA FOR CUST MGMT 2.0 (CRM) product installed.

The Gateway has the UIS4MCF component installed, and configured (service & users).

Likewise, the MCF services & users have been set up on the S4H system.

Overally, when I execute the MCF_ISU template, I am able to log in, and access the components, all except the CRM functionalities.

  • There is no CRM system, the CRM functionality resides in the S4H system.
  • However, when I use the Developer Tools, on the screen, I can see it is trying to call an OData service in CRM_UTILITIES_UMC.
  • This is a CRM specific service, that I recognize from from an ECC and CRM deployment of MCF.
  • I checked in the S4H system, and this service does not exist, hence I cannot activate it, and even if I register the service in the Gateway it wont help, as the service will not be found.

Hence my questions is, is there perhaps an additional component that needs to be installed on the S4H system, which enables MCF to make us of the CUSTOMER MANAGEMENT (CRM), to which CRM_UTILITIES_UMC needs to be linked to?