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Jun 03, 2020 at 09:36 AM

SAP JCo Server for multiple (dynamic) destinations and repositories


We have two SAP systems (SYS_A and SYS_B) and from SYS_A we want to call RFC FM from the system SYS_B with the destination parameter defined as JCo Server, for example on system SYS_A we call using ABAP:


So how to define the properties of the server and repository in JCo in such way, that we get dynamically meta date about the called function? And how to do it dynamically, so that when call a RFC FM from another system SYS_C it will also work, i.e JCo Server will also catch this call along with the call meta data? Should we use property jco.server.repository_map for this? If so, how to define it using this parameter? How to define it in JCo, that calls are coming from SYS_A, but the repositories are on SYS_A and SYS_B and maybe on any another system?