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May 30, 2020 at 09:36 AM

MATNR in Revenue Recognition document


Hi Friends,

Need your help to resolve the below issue.

We are using Revenue recognition in one of our system and its working fine. We follow Sales order – Revenue recognition – Invoice flow and the entries are getting generated correctly.

Case Study :

Sales Order :

Once Sales Order is completed, Revenue recognition is done through transaction code VF44

The Accounting and the PCA documents looks like below

After the revenue recognition is over, the invoicing through VF01 takes place which creates the below Accounting and PCA documents

As it can be seen that system is transferring the material number to the PCA document while invoicing but its not transferring the same incase of revenue recognition. Is it a standard behavior? Can it be done through some enhancement or any other way ? Client wants the material number in the PCA documents created through Revenue recognition. Kindly suggest if it is possible.

Thanks & best regards