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Inspection Task List assignment for inspection type 89 & 05

Feb 15, 2017 at 11:49 AM


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I have material type fert for which I am doing inprocess inspection with inspection type 03 & inspection plan created with t.code CA01. I need to create inspection lot with inspection type 05 & 89 for sale return & manual inspection. I am unable to assign task list during inspection plan creation.


Shiv Kumar

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2 Answers

Xavier Covis Feb 15, 2017 at 12:43 PM

Hi Shiv,

If I understand your request, please can you tell us more details how do you created your inspection plan in CA01?

Remember for inspection type: (SPRO > Quality Management > Quality inspection > inspection lot creation > maintain inspection type)

03 - the Task list usage is 1(Production) by default.

05 - the Task list usage is 5

89 - the Task list usage is 3

And here you can see the task list usage: SPRO > Quality Management > Quality Planning > Inspection Planning > General > Define Task List Usages



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Hi Xavier,

Thanks for you input,

By problem is to assign inspection plan. I am explaining in detail.

1. Material created as Fert material type.

2. Inspection type assigned 03, 04, 05, 89.

3. Inspection Plan created with t.code CA01

4. IN process inspection lot with inspection type 03 automatic aggsinment of inspection task list during Production order release.

5. Now I have created two inspection lot for same material, one is with sale return & one is with manual inspection. Both have been in CRTD status. I am changing inspection task list usage with QA02 but it does not accept task list created with CA01.

Please reply


Hi Shiv,

Sorry the delay.

In my knowledge if you want to use inspection type 05 and 89, you need to create a task list type Q (Inspection Plan) with QP01.

You can see for example:

  • For Inspection Lot Origin 89 the Task list type must be "Q" in QCC0 > Quality Inspection > Inspection Lot Creation > Maintain Inspection Lot Origins and Assign Inspection Types
  • And in the table TCA01 the link between the application type and task list type.

Best Regards,



Hi Shiva

Please check the Master data
Inspection Type : 06 ( for Customer Returns)

Also Inspection Plan Usage & Status)

Kindly check & revert back with your feedback, if still facing the Problem

Thanks & Regards : Raja Sekhara Reddy

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