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May 27, 2020 at 07:23 PM

MRP Area, or Sloc MRP? for Supermarket method.


Hello Experts.

I'm planning to realize Supermarket method with SAP ERP.
I assume I'm reaching goal. however I need one more step. I appreciate if somebody gives me an idea.

My goal is buildung this setting in ERP.

- Parts deducted from Supermarket storage location (0001) .
- Once the qty of the parts are below of certain point. (like reorder point)
System generate any kind of trigger to goods receipt storage.

- Goods Receipt Storage is set us (0007).

So I set-up like below.

- Setup Sloc MRP Indicator as "2 Storage location stock planned separately" for storage location 0001.(This is Prod. Stor. Location)
- Setup Reorder point and replenishment qty for Storage Location MRP
- Set Storage Loc. for EP as 0007.

This setting works well, let's say 80%.

Storage location 0001 correctly generate transfer request to storage location 0007.

However, we use MRP type PD for this parts.

With MRP type PD, system generate purchase order requisition for future demand.
It works well to prevent future material shortage.

However, in the setting above, MRP type PD for the parts doesn't generate any purchase order requisition for future demand.

I thought MRP runs plant level, but it seems not consider the demand for the storage location 0001 as long as the storage location is set up as Sloc MRP indicator.

I searched in the community, and found we could use MRP area function.

but at the moment I don't have any Idea how to set-up, or even it's possible or not.

Does anybody have experience of the setting "Supermarket" with SAP ERP?

We want to automatize the process as much as possible.