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Jun 01, 2020 at 04:43 PM

Can we manipulate snapshot in MDG ?


Hello All,

We have a requirement as below:-

Update the fields changed in change request only & do not overwrite the field(s) of same or different entity when they are changed in active area directly.

To explain it in detail let us consider an example.

During change material a field lab office (LABOR) of entity material was changed and request was sent for approval. Before the final approval of this request, a different field belongs to entity material was changed for ex. division (SPART) & field belongs to different entity for ex. material group 4 (MVGR4) of entity MVKESALES was changed.

As per the requirement , a change request should be activated replicating the changes made to lab office in S4/ECC & changes made to division & material group 4 in S4/ECC should not be overwritten.

We are aware about process pattern 06 and an article on how to do a partial activation in MDG (SAP note 1797009) but they do not fit our requirement completely.

Let us know if we can achieve this using other way.