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May 28, 2020 at 11:11 AM

Principal Propagation on Mobile Services in Cloud Foundry Environment


We are developing an Android SDK application from Mobile Services in a Cloud Foundry environment and we need to implement a Principal Propagation mechanism.

We followed different guides on Help SAP portal but we cannot able to achieve our goal.

Based basically on following guides:

We have configured the various actors in principal propagation mechanism as follow:


We have generated the below certificates to pass SAP side.

In Principal Propagation tab we noted the first difference between our configuration and guide’s tutorial:

Our cloud foundry:

NEO solution like guide’s references:


Certificates generated above is passed in SAP system, inserted in STRUST as in the official guide. Instance parameters have been added:

login/certificate_mapping_rulebased” parameter is setted to 1, so we mapped user using CERTRULE transaction:

SCP Cockpit

Cloud Connector is present and available in our cloud foundry subaccount:

Mobile Service:

We have configured our destination as follow:

But when we tries to ping, we received an unauthorized error and we cannot consume the OData service.

Important: We are able to consume OData service in Basic Authentication.

Why we received the error above? How we can resolve? There are some guides to follow?



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