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May 27, 2020 at 07:04 AM

RRI to Webi involving an input ready Bex Variable of Type Range - not working


Hello folks:

I am trying to configure RRI (Report 2 Report interface in SAP BW), requestor: Bex query, recipient = Webi document.
involved: Datasources: SAP Bex query
An Input ready Bex variable of type range is involved for Calendar year/month, e.g. 01.2020 - 03.2020

After I configured RRI for WEB URL and mapped the field for Cal year/month using the BusObjects opendocument parameter for ranges lsR or lsI the passing of the range bex variable to the recipient = Webi does not seem to work, that is it is being ignored.
It seems that Webi is expecting a range variable to follow the input syntax "01.2020;03.2020" (note the semicolon), whereas the requestor is sending it in the format of "01.2020 - 03.2020". When passing this via openDocument to the lsR respective lsI prompt parameter it does not compute and the prompt on Webi side is not filled, instead left empty.

Am I missing something here or is there a fix/work around for this, please?

Greetings from good, old Germany,
Andreas J.A.