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AIST/AB08 Inquiry


I have a question for the AIST/AB08.

I accidentally put wrong asset in CIP two times.

For exemple there are two CIP in one. and I created one asset which should be two.

The problem is that I put Two CIP in One asset , which should be One asset and One CIP two times.

So I'm trying to fix this AIST/AB08. but it is the first time I'm trying.

Also, When I try AB08, there are so many CIPs in only one document. (this maybe I journalize many assets in only one AP)

In this situation, How can i fix this problem?? and do i have to use both T code?

Please let me know.

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1 Answer

  • Posted on 4 days ago

    Hi Lee,

    I don't know if I understood your question fully.

    But in case if you have wrongly settled two CIP Values to one final asset, then you can cancel the wrong settlement using AIST and resettle to the correct asset.

    If you are unable to cancel second CIP using AIST, then just transfer the value from first final to second final asset using T-code ABUMN.

    This way, the value will be transferred from first final asset to second final asset.

    Please check and revert.



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    • Thank you for your answer.

      I'm trying to use AIST as you said. but I'm concerning about the Distribution.

      I already used T code AIAB for Distribution and T code AIBU for the second asset which is wrong settlement.

      So it doesn't matter to use AIST regardless of Distribution?

      And create the new asset with AIAB, AIBU As I correctly did at first asset?

      Please let me know about it.