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Services rendered automatically populated

hello ,

I`m facing an issue , when I create a sales order and navigate to the " Billing Document" tab, the field "Services rendered" is automatically populated with a date that we do not know how the system gets.

It´s always ( 17.09.2019) the same date and if we don´t navigate to this tab we don´t have this issue

we need to know where does the system gets the date from , because it may influence tax condition , pricing etc .

we also want to know how to hide or update this field with Billing date or pricing date.

Thank you in advance

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1 Answer

  • Posted on 4 days ago

    I am not aware of the details of your business process, so I will start with the default explanations :)

    VBKD-FBUDA (service rendered date) is mainly used when you sell services, when you deliver goods- you can leave it blank in the sales order, because in standard it will be determined and populated in the billing document with the goods issue date. If you have order-related billing even when you deliver finished goods the service render date can be determined as first priority from the sales order item, if there is no date entered in the order, it will be the billing date (for cash sales).

    If you create a credit or a debit memo request with reference to a billing document it is expected (at least in standard systems) that service rendered date will be copied from the originating billing document. You can still overwrite it, but at least to me this does not seem right from business perspective.

    When you sell a service: if you use a delivery, then again service render date in the billing document will be the date of the goods issue (yes, I know, it seems illogical at first, but some companies use deliveries for services as well). When you sell a service without delivery this is like a DR, but without reference -if left blank in the order - it will be set as billing date in the invoice.

    The transfer of service rendered date when you create a document with reference is usually determined via the data transfer routines set in the copy control settings for the combination of source/target document type and item category.

    If you have service rendered date populated in sales orders that are created without a reference, the most likely reason is custom code.

    If you are a consultant or a developer:

    The first place that I would look in would be MV45AFZZ, USEREXIT_MOVE_FIELD_TO_VBKD. If still no luck - you can use program SNIF or transaction PRCAT to look for custom coding. Or you can just debug.

    If you are a business user:

    Create a ticket to your local support desk. What you describe is indeed a serious problem and has to be fixed.

    As to updating/hiding the service rendered date field in the sales order:

    I don't think that it is a good idea to hide it, it is important information that needs to be available for reporting purposes.

    You could try making the field not editable with MV45AFZZ, USEREXIT_FIELD_MODIFICATION, but I cannot tell whether this is a good idea, and whether it can break certain processes in your company. I would not set it as read-only either, some users may need this flexibility in certain cases.

    VBKD-FBUDA can be updated (as I mentioned) via MV45AFZZ, USEREXIT_MOVE_FIELD_TO_VBKD.

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    • Hi Veseline,

      Thank you for your answer , in these type of sales order services are selling without delivery , the orders are converted in bill of sales.

      I will try with the diferent options you mencioned and I let you know .

      Thank you in advance