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May 25, 2020 at 01:15 PM

dynamic y-axis from values of a ODBC connected table


We use Crystal Reports a lot but looking for a solution for the used trends in CR O
ur customers like to have the y-axis scaled from a setting in one of the tables we linked in their database(there we have a field minimum and maximum of the y-axis) When I click on the Data(Y) Axis settings of a Trend I only could choose to set it to Auto or fill in the minimum and maximum value, but we like to have it dynamic. But all our customers want for each sensor a value which I explained above different y-axis settings. Is it possible to manipulate the minimum and maximum of the y-axis through a formula of section export setting? Or is there another solution? Did search on the internet but could not find a solution. We use Crystal report 2013. ( or do you know if the Crystal report 2016 has such kind of function?) Thanks in advance