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I'm a beginner on HANA Data Modeling. I'm trying to use shine_core_schema tables in my calculation view in the HDI container that I have created. I have defined a synonym in my HDI database module, but all I have been getting is an error. - the container's object owner <name> is not authorized to access the <> synonym target.

I am very confused about how to setup the authorizations. Could some one help me with this?



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  • SHINE_CORE_SCHEMA is a "classic" schema? If yes, what steps described here you missed?

  • Hi, Thank you for pointing out to the link.

    I logged in with SYSTEM user, and SET the schema to "SHINE_CORE_SCHEMA" and created role "EPM_XXX_external_access_g".

    However, I see the following error:

    Could not execute 'GRANT SELECT ON "SHINE_CORE_SCHEMA"."MD.BusinessPartner" to "EPM_XXX_external_access_g" with grant ...' SAP DBTech JDBC: [258]: insufficient privilege: Detailed info for this error can be found with guid '78EB86FE2E69214092836FAA135894F6'

    It looks like the SHINE_CORE_SCHEMA owner is SHINE_CORE_SCHEMA itself, which is a restricted user and has been explicitly deactivated. I am unable to reactivate him with SYSTEM user.

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