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Can anyone help me how to add custom fields in vt03n & vi03 Shipment & shiment cost ?

VT03N & VI03

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    Posted on May 28 at 06:03 AM

    I found answer by my own :)

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  • Posted on May 21 at 05:21 PM


    Please put some efforts before asking question.

    One liner question doesn't give any clue to members to provide you a solution.

    May I know as to why do you need custom fields in shipment document and shipment cost document? What is the business requirement?

    Or you want to know this for self learning purpose then google " BADI for shipment document".



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    • HI,

      Sorry for not giving complete details

      Actually we need custom fields to fill the user names, when ever user logs into website(non sap) when he/she creates sales order / purchase order / shipment, the user details will be passed to sap rfc and in that rfc we will update standard table append field i.e. for example : while creating sales order, we have created 2 custom fields in append structure i.e. at the time of creation and at the time of modification, in table vbak (sales order header data) so now here vbak table is updated and the same will be reflected on screen : transaction code VA03 Sales order display.

      The same to be implemented in VT03N , I have gone through all the exits below but could not figure it out.

      V56AFCCH Shipment processing: Check function code allowed

      V56AGTAR User Exit for Filtering Shipping Unit Calculation

      V56ARCHV Customer-spec. checks for archiving shipments

      V56ATKTX Change the number of lines for text input in shipment

      V56BMOD Transportation processing: Field modification

      V56DISTZ Shipment Processing: Determine Distance

      V56FCOPY Shipment processing: Copy delivery data

      V56FSTAT Shipment processing: Activities when setting a status

      V56L0001 Status of Shipments for a Delivery

      V56LDELI Read Delivery Data for Shipment Processing

      V56LOCID Shipment Processing: Determine Location Identification

      V56MVT04 Extensions for Collective Processing of Shipments

      V56SLDET Shipment processing: Leg determination

      V56TDLIF Filter Delivery Items for Shipment

      V56UCHCH Shipment processing: Check whether changes were made

      V56UCHCO Check shipments are complete

      V56UDLUP Obsolete as of 4.6C: Delivery Update on Delivery Routines

      V56UNUMB Shipment number allocation

      V56USTAT User-individual definition of transportation planning status

      V56USVDO Update new objects for transport

      V56USVDP Preparation for updating new objects for transport?

      MV56AINI Initialization of transaction control for transportation

      I have already added append structure in VTTK Shipment Header. So kindly let me know if have further information in placing custom fields in VT03N,


  • Posted on May 22 at 08:05 AM

    Instead of creating and maintaining custom fields in VTTK, why not use the standard ones, which are already available?

    By this I mean mainly VTTK-TEXT*,but there are also others. You can also set these as not modifiable by business users by adding code in EXIT_SAPLV56B_001.

    For shipment cost document - why not consider using VFKK-EXTI* fields? I am not aware of a screen exit for these, but I have not really searched... :)

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