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May 26, 2020 at 09:30 AM

Change of License term in 4.2 Sp 07


Hello All,

We have recently upgraded our DEV system from 4.1 SP 10 to 4.2 SP 07 and post upgrade, as a pre-requisite we generated a new license key from the SAP market placed and added into the system,post which servers were up and running fine.

During testing i observed that thee is a change in Concurrent License.

In 4.1, it was called as Concurrent user ans now in 4.2 it is referred as Concurrent session and i see a message as - (CSBL) can be used only if total number of concurrent session is limited.

I need to understand if there is different on how the CSBL will work now in the system. We have 50 CSBL or it will work as before only that at a given point in time we can have only 50 users logged into system.