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May 26, 2020 at 01:36 AM

Authentification suddenly needed, before running any app



I use SAP Cloud Plattform Cockpit to run Apps using Northwind odata Service since a few days without the need to type any login data.

From now on: every time I start one of the apps which use the GWSAMPLE_BASIC data, I have to type in my login data (Screenshot).

Strangely during the last 5 weeks, this windows-login-screen didn't appear...

Can I avoid that windows-login-screen appears?

Does this one have to do with my Trial-Account-settings?

Can anyone tell me what the user-name can be?

Do I have to type in:

- my user-id, the P........ Number?

- my email-address?

- the "123456atrial" number?

- or anything else?

big Thanks in advance for every help



01.jpg (49.2 kB)