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I created a depreciation key 7 years ago but some assets are no fully decapitated

Can some help me, I have configured a Dep Key with the follow values but some assets are not fully depreciate, they keep a remaining value how can fix this depreciation calculation.

Base method 0007 Ordinary: percentage from life (after end of life) check Dep. after end

Decl.-bal. method 001 0.00x / 0.0000% / 0.0000%

Period Control 02/02/02/02

Multilev.meth. 0.00000% 9999 999 Period 12 Base Val 24 % from rem life Check reduction 0.00000.0000

Straight Line depreciation

Change Over method No automatic change over

Change Over %rate 0.00

Multiple shift: No reflect on depreciation and useful life

Scarp Valuie: Considaration is controlled by cuttoff value key

Shut Down: no

Issues: a) I have assets that not get fully depreciated and Keep a remaining value like infinity,

b) the useful life is extend instead finish ate the end of the useful life

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2 Answers

  • Posted on 4 days ago

    Hi Sanchez,

    Did you assign Cut off key in the Depreciation Key? If yes, then the system would be calculating the residual value and it will never get depreciate.

    There could be an another reason that, the scrap value is being updated at asset master level in the depreciation area. Please check it in AS03 - Depreciation Areas - Double click on depreciation area and check.

    Please run AFAR (AFAR - Recalculate Values) for one of the asset and check if system is recalculating values.

    Also, if you could provide us the depreciation are settings screen shot, AS03 - Depreciation area settings screen shot and AW01N Screen shots, then we can check and provide you more relevant solution.



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  • Posted on 3 days ago

    Hi Narasimhulu,

    Thanks for you prompt answer, I didn't assigned a Cut off in the depreciation key also I don't have created a phase 2 with a change over, does it necessary to create the change over to finish the residual? or do I need to change the Base Method 0011 with the set up No depreciation after planed planned life? I am sharing the screen shots with the Dep. Key as is set up.

    I copied the Dep Key and I got a warning saying that I have check the Calculate percentage from remaining useful life in the multilevel method and also in the Base method 000 has the check for depreciation after planed life end. is it the reason why the system is generating a residual value?

    ZBOT N 1 : Dep. after planned life end incompatible with dep. over rem. life.

    Please let me know your comments and I really appreciate your help.


    Fernando Sanchez

    1c88i.png (30.1 kB)
    vaxdc.png (62.6 kB)
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