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Product Substitution with multiple Products and Availability Check

Hi All,

In my current project client is into Healthcare business and they have a current setup outside of SAP as explained below- Wanted to check if we can implement the same in Standard ATP or AATP or with GATP

For a Product, there can be multiple substitute and business wanted to setup all of them based on certain priority (chemical composition %). And during sales order processing system should check those alternatives and do ATP check. I know we can do that with single subsitite product but no idea if this can be done with multiple Product?

Thanks for your responses.

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1 Answer

  • Posted on 4 days ago


    You can enter products in the sales order for which SAP APO carries one to many substitution. when a one to many substitution takes place , a predecessor product is replaced by several successor products . The structure of the product is exploded in the sales order,and reflects the results of the availability check.

    The system configuration for service parts management is active.You can find more information on this in the sap implementation guide under customer relationship Management ,Transactions,Basic settings,Activate system configuration for service parts management.

    If you have modeled SAP SCM strategies for one to many substitutions.You can find more information in the SAP library under Sap supply chain management ,Advanced planning and optimization,service parts planning and optimization,service parts planning,Master data and general setting for SPP,Product interchangeability in SPP,Modeling of substitution strategies.

    I think it may help you.

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