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May 19, 2020 at 01:47 PM

Display a deployed app in the FLP


Hi guys,

I recently learned how to deploy apps in the SCP. Since I deployed my app I was wondering how I'm able to link the apps, which are deployed in SCP, in the Cloud Platform Portal (CPP)?

In the CPP I'm able to browse for app sources from my CF account (more specifically, which are deployed from the SAP Web Ide) and with those apps it working fine.
But if I want to start the CPP with my SCP account (I received a second ID for the SCP account) I receive the error 'access denight'. Also if I want to browse for apps and logon with the ID from the SCP I receive an empty error message.

Did somebody encounter the same problem or know why I'm not able to link my apps from the SCP?