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May 18, 2020 at 10:54 AM

EWM - GTS Integration: Compliance

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Hello everyone,

We are trying to build the integration between SAP GTS and SAP EWM, for the compliance check on outbound deliveries (ODO).

But we face an issue: when the document is released in GTS, it is not automatically released in EWM.

System landscape:

  • EWM embedded in S/4 1909.
  • GTS 11.0 SP 15.


EWM Outbound Delivery Order (ODO) blocked at creation because of compliance check (ship-to-Party on Sanctioned Party List).

Once the document is released from GTS, we expect that the EWM ODO is released automatically.

Process and Issue:

  1. At ODO creation à Document blocked because of GTS check (PPF action triggered).
  2. EWM document is released from GTS: But ODO is not released automatically in EWM (our expectation). --> Issue
  3. “GTS recheck” is triggered manually on EWM side to get back the new status from GTS.
  4. ODO is released in EWM, as expected.


  • Release of EWM document is not pushed from GTS to EWM.
  • Calling GTS system from EWM releases the ODO in EWM.


  • Is our expectation (point 2) part of the standard integration?

Or is a “GTS recheck” from EWM anyway needed?

  • If our expectation is applicable, did someone face the same issue? And could give guidance on how to fix the issue?


We will be pleased to give more details if it’s required.

Thanks in advance,