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May 18, 2020 at 05:52 AM

Replenishment - Cant replenish storage type based on stock type in EWM


Hi All,

Can you please help on the below scenarios.

We need to replenish 2 pick face as below,

reserve storage type 0001(Stock Type F1) and pickface 0002 (Only stock type F1 and only pick from 0001)

reserve storage type 0003(Stock Type F2) and pickface 0004 (Only stock type F2 and only pick from 0003)

And i have a strategy as pelow

0001 A001 3010 F2 REPL FEFR

0001 A001 3010 F3 ARPL FEFR

Storage type group REPL - to pick from 0001

Storage type ARPL - to pick from 0003

But system always picking from 0001 for both F2 and F3.

I have verified below datas for the fix but no issues found.

Warehouse control - replenishment storage type is blank.

Stock determination maintained in material master.

and also i tried to maintain replenishment control but getting below error

When trying to maintain storage type group/storage type in replenishment strategy screen, Below error is coming.

Pick replenishment not permitted; storage type (group) not maintained

Message no. /SCWM/REPL504

Can you please help here