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May 19, 2020 at 12:29 PM

The Job Server you selected is not


Successfully installed supported Designer on Windows 10. Able to login to Designer but when I click on the code repository I get the error that Job Server you selected is not working.

I followed Guided support on this issue and at this step

when I check the Job Server logs i see following

(14.2) 05-19-20 14:14:54 (6988:133544) JobServer: Sending notification to <inet:> with message type <16> (BODI-850170) (14.2) 05-19-20 14:15:00 (6988:137100) JobServer: Creating notification object for client <inet:>. (BODI-850264) (14.2) 05-19-20 14:15:00 (6988:136784) JobServer: Marking notification object for client <inet:> for deletion. (BODI-850265) is the IP address of my Designer machine.