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May 19, 2020 at 11:53 AM

Open Connectors application not accessible



I am facing the following issues with my Trial Account :

Issue 1 :

I am not able to Delete the “trial” account, hence the services are still assigned to it and shown to be associated to it and hence I am not able to use them in the new Sub-Account.

Currently I have added a subscription to API Management in the new Sub-Account but still the API management service is not available in the Subscriptions as it has a limited availability for the Trial account and as it seems till the time the “trial” account is not deleted it would not be available in the new Sub-Account.

Issue 2 :

I am not able to access the Open Connectors application, after Subscribing to the service when I try to access “Go to Application” I get the following error:

<SobaMap> <requestId>5ec3bc3ce4b06ffad5db6f49</requestId>

"); vertical-align: bottom; height: 10px;"><message> No authorized user found. Please contact your administrator to obtain access </message>


My Account details are as below :

Global Account: 42a6d8c1trial - Subaccounts

Subdomain: 42a6d8c1trial-ga

Sub-Account Details :

Name : Test-CF20

ID : f02fabc3-ac89-46df-9a59-d482d9e753bb

Subdomain : TestCf20

Beta Features : Disabled

Cecilia Huergo : Can you please help here.