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May 19, 2020 at 06:00 AM

Table migration for new storage layout


Hi everyone,

We have a DB2 database engine that supports our SAP application.

We have seen that the storage layer that is being used by the database files is not optimal:

  • We use 1 filesystem to host our 16 TB database.
  • On that filesystem are 6 subdirectories that host a container per subdirectory per tablespace (34)
  • That 1 filesystem consist of 84 pv in one vg that also differ in size

We like to move our tables towards new tablespaces that are created on top of a new storage layout:

  • Have 8 filesystems to host the DB
  • Each filesystem hosts a container of the tablespaces (34+)
  • Each filesystem is backed by 8 PV within their vg

What is the best way to handle this migration? Can it be done using DB6CONV?