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May 18, 2020 at 01:19 PM

WebGUI parameter transfer to fill secondary dynpro field ?


Dear Gurus,

Is there a suggested approach to overcome the situation, when launching a transaction in WebGUI starts with a different dynpro, than the one we would like to fill default value through URL parameters?

I call transaction FV60 from a Fiori prototype app through WebGUI successfully. I hand over dynpro field values to transaction FV60 through WebGUI URL parameters. This is working unless the user is missing some default values, and a popup dialog interrupts the screen sequence in transaction FV60 after launching it. When the user closes and continues this dialog, the parameters are still present in the web browser URL, but not transferred to the dynpro field.

The Vendor field therefore remains empty.

This is the same behaviour in WebGUI and when trialing in backend with /n*FV60 INVFO-ACCNT=1234, so the issue is not with building the URL, rather how this problem can be approached.

I am sure there are same integrations/solutions delivered by SAP already to handle such situations, since lot of GUI apps are started in WebGUI from native Fiori apps through FLP target mappings.

Thank you, Attila

Some ideas to overcome already in my mind:

  • SAP Screen Personas script
  • Providing user a view to enter all data within the Fiori app,then create document in background, then only return message with document number created. Eventually launch a transaction which does not need other predefined settings to dsiplay it
  • Extending an FV60 like standard Fiori app adding navigation capabilities