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May 16, 2020 at 08:31 AM

How to Update data to two entityset from single button in mobile development kit


Hi Everyone,

I have added the button in section page and on that button click I am updating the status as 'CLOS' through update entity odata action for entityset 'A' and it is working fine for me .but on same button click I need to update list of entityset 'B ' also which is the child property(collection) of entityset 'A'.

As Bill shared See Here with the help of success action we can do this but in my case object I need to update multiple record of object 'B' as status 'X' on button click. if In object A entityset Contains 4 array of Object B How to update 4 records of object B thorugh update entity I need to update status as X in all records of object B which is child object A.

Main problem which I am facing is How to pass setActionBinding for multiple list(data).

Thanks in advance