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May 16, 2020 at 12:21 AM

Inspection rule cannot be deleted; dependent inspection rules exist Message no. QIE_SETUP040


Hi Gurus,

There are couple of queries/issues i am trying to find a solution for.

(We are using S4HANA ON PREMISE190901 (02/2020) FP (Embedded EWM))

1. How do we create a cross Warehouse relevant inspection rule.

2. How do we delete a cross Warehouse relevant inspection rule. Getting below stated error when trying to delete it.

3. In my Whse, there is a Cross Whse relevant inspection rule w/o inspection process assignment. Even then this is being when even a GR is posted from inbound delivery. Is this standard?

Details of error message observed when trying to delete the inspection rule which is setup for "Cross Warehouse"

Details of the Cross Whse relevant inspection rule:

Actually in my warehouse this is the only inspection rule that pops up and not sure why this is being selected when ever a GR is posted. even though no inspection process is defined in the rule.