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May 14, 2020 at 11:03 AM

calling GCP storage from SAP Cloud Platform - Neo Enviroment


Dear SAP

We are using SAP Neo Environment to development application.

Now, Application also need to store image/pdf to GCP Storage using rest api calls from Neo enviroment.

As in SAP CP NEO environment, what should be the way to do server to server communication as "application service user", so that user can upload document to GCP Storage using rest api in secured manner.

In case, we have option to connect to Azure or AWS S3, then we are look in to that too.

My Question :

1. Do i need migrate the development to SAP CP Cloud Foundry in order to utilize GCP Storage services ?

2. OR, we can do something in SAP CP NEO environment too to provide document upload/download service ?

Also, we need secure communication from NEO to GCP, thus kindly suggest solution from security perspective too.

Please confirm at the earliest.

Best Regards