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Enrichment and Derivation of Material Master Data

Hello everyone,

First of all: I am new to (material) master data. ;)

In my company, we use SAP ERP 6.0 / NW7.01 for master data management, at the moment

When a new material is created only data of views "Basic Data 1/2" is entered. Furthermore, depending on some rules the material is marked for enrichment for one or more plants/sales org.

Then a period background job picks up all marked materials and enriches several data views (e.g. "plant data", "sales data", etc.) based on our material enrichment framework (developed in-house).

Last, an IDoc with enriched data is created and posted.

We designed this process as we have many plants and user normally do not want to enter all data. On the other hand, not every material is used and needed for every plant. - And of course, we are very special, and standard is not enough, as every SAP customer. ;)

However, the current process and its framework is quite slow and far away from standard. So here comes my question: Do you have similar requirements in your company? How did you meet them? Is there any SAP Standard that could meet our requirement? SAP MDM? SAP MDG?

Thanks a lot for your help.

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