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May 14, 2020 at 06:28 PM

Two entityset in a single DataModel. Biding one entity set to table


Hi ,

I have a scenario

1)i have created a page in UI5 with 4 search help of Vkorg. That vkorg i have to get from gateway service. I have created an entityset(1) and i see my metadata with data populated. How will i bind it , Meta data looks like below.

2) When the user selects a data from above steps , that should be passed to entityset(2) and it should display a output in the ui5.. Basically Here in my getentityset i am using submit program with the parameter obtained from above search help.

is this feasible.??

I have also created association between my two entityset with sales org.

Entityset1 is only sales org

Entityset2 is a structure that has to be displayed when the user selects any sales org.


capture1.png (65.7 kB)