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May 13, 2020 at 11:33 PM

Consume External Rest API/Webservice Bydessing


Hello Experts,

I´m trying to consume this API

as you can see I only provide the series SF43718 and the Token, i follow some examplos of consumme a Rest API and the example where i get the Api from here:

I create my external Rest webservice in SDK:

My Scenario:

And the arregement:

My question is where and what info i have to send, as you can see I´m trying to complete the link to get the contect but i´m not getting anything and a HTTP destination error too.

Here is my code:

import ABSL;
// Communication details
var ScenarioName = "Cambio_CS";
var ServiceName = "Cambio";
var HttpMethod = "GET";
var HttpResource = "datos/oportuno"; //URL – File Name"
// not required for this example
var ContentType = "jsonp";
var Body = "";
var HeaderParameter : collectionof NameAndValue; // Set URL Parameter

var URLParameter : collectionof NameAndValue;
var URLParameterEntry : NameAndValue;
URLParameterEntry.Name = "token";
URLParameterEntry.Value = "afb1ff06d28de692af5b679906c7d722454412908c4cb29687ac857786c95493";

// Execute webservice call
var ws_result = WebServiceUtilities.ExecuteRESTService(ScenarioName, ServiceName, HttpMethod,
 HttpResource, URLParameter, HeaderParameter, ContentType, Body);
//Parse result of Web service and retrieve city name; you may have to adapt the logic to the Web service used
this.WeatherResult = ws_result.Content;

Hope you can help me.

Thank you for your time.



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