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May 13, 2020 at 06:04 PM

EXIT_SAPMM06E_006 and EXIT_SAPMM06E_008 sample abap code


I have created a custom field to appear on Customer Data tab on PO Header. Field is a drop down with fixed values and appears on tab just fine. Problem is I cannot any examples of the ABAP code needed in EXIT_SAPMM06E_006 and EXIT_SAPMM06E_008 that will have data read and write from custom field to CI field in EKKO. Lot's of posts out there but no real examples. Attached is as far as i have gotten. EKKO table has a value in custom field but when screen loads, nothing is displayed. exit-sapmm06e-006-example.pngscreen.png


screen.png (34.2 kB)