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May 15, 2020 at 08:48 PM

SAP HCM - Off-Cycle run is triggered when run normal payroll


Hi Experts, pelase help me with these doubts:

We recently update HR components in our SAP System (Release 604). We update the SP from 67 to 99. Before that, when we ran an off-cycle payroll with a pre-payment of the monthly salary entered in IT0014, and then we ran a normal payroll, the normal run did´nt do a retro of the off-cycle payroll, and discount the pre-payment right. Now, the normal run is doing a retro and discount the pre-payment right as well.

Our doubts are:

1. The current behavior is the normal behavior?

2. If it is not the normal behavior, how we can fix it?

Thank you very much for your contributions.